BIC Crystal non-Retractable Ballpoint Pens Box of 20(Blue-8/Black-5/Red-4/Green-3)

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Product Description It all started with the BIC Cristal original ballpoint pen which was first produced in 1950 by Marcel Bich. This same product is still popular today with mothers, students, and workers alike. An iconic writing instrument in the world of stationery products, it has become one of those friendly familiar classics that life just wouldn’t be the same without!.It writes super-well, and the assorted colours including black, blue, red and green add a lot of personality to drawings too. The clear transluscent barrel allows you to keep an eye on the BIC ballpoint pen ink level so you know when it’s time for a replacement. The cap and end plug colour matches ink colour. Sold as a pot of 20 pens, this BIC Biro pen is a trusted workhorse that won’t let you down. Schoolbag or backpack, briefcase, handbag or pocket, there’s always room in your kit for these essential BIC pens. Manufacturer’s Description For over 60 years the BIC Cristal Original has continued to be the ideal ballpoint pen thanks to a combination of reliability and versatility. The years of research and design BiC has undertaken in developing its stationery lines means these products consistently impress customers with their usability, writing performance and colour. Available in multiple colours and NF accredited the BIC Cristal original is suitable for lots of stationery tasks. It offers strong writing performance whether you are in the office, at home or in school. With an average writing length of 3,000 m**, it will last you twice as long as other ballpoint pens*. A stationery essential, this high quality pen offers a 1.0 mm tip and line width of 0.4 mm to give you the control and accurate application you need. Available in a pack of ten pens, the BiC Cristal Original ensures your pencil case, pen pot or stationery cupboard always has the writing instrument you need. Box Contains 20 x Bic Cristal Ball Pens

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